BullionVault Review

If you are looking to invest in Gold then BullionVault is our preferred marketplace. BullionVault has been found to be a very professional and efficient broker. They are a dream come true for buyers of Gold & Silver Bullion. They offer reliable and professional customer support too. Find the full BullionVault review below.

Easy BullionVault Account Opening Form

Account Opening Process:

forex programming spacer Accounts with BullionVault can be opened IN MINUTES. The form to the right shows just how easy it is to open an account with BullionVault. It is very simple and literally takes a couple minutes at the most. After this step, in order to fund your account to buy or sell Bullion, the account needs verified. To do this, the typical process of electronically verifying identify needs done. So email address needs confirmed, you will need to upload ID such as a passport scan, and upload a bank statement scan. This can all be done online! They accept online bank documents too which is a plus. The whole process was very EASY. It took only a couple hours for the whole process to be done. That is, from account opening to uploading documentation to everything being accepted & verified. So we rank them high for ease of account opening and verification.

Customer Support:

forex programming spacer BullionVault always replies back WITHIN HOURS by email. This has been the case each time so far. All emails were replied back to from a real person and all replies were professional. They also have live chat and telephone support available. So we rank them high for the customer support aspect.


forex programming spacer In addition to them having fast professional fast support, BullionVault also gives 1/8 oz (4 grams) of Silver FREE just for opening an account with them. This is a risk-free gift to get you started. You can start trading with this free silver immediately. See a more complete list of BullionVault benefits below.

• World's Largest Online Bullion Market
• Any Size Deals
• Low Commissions
• Daily Audit
• Guaranteed Anonymity

• Next Day Withdrawals
• High Security Vaults
• Multiple Vaults To Choose From
• Insured Bullion
• 24/7 Gold & Silver Trading

• Allocated Gold & Silver
• Multiple Currencies To Deal With
• Investment Grade Bullion
• US Citizens & Residents Allowed
• FREE Insurance


forex programming spacer BullionVault uses highly secure and encrypted website technology which has been verified. In addition to secure login, they also have an optional secondary layer of protection which you can use to set a 2nd password or phrase which their system will use to randomly select characters from. So even if someone knows your main password, they must be able to select the correct characters from the secondary password/phrase or else they will not have access to your account. The same technology is used by some banks like HSBC. In addition to this, they have optional email and SMS login and trading alerts. Considering the above, it would be nearly impossible for someone to take over your account. Regarding the actual Bullion, they allow you full ownership of the Bullion with the right to take physical delivery at any time. All Bullion is stored at the vault of your choice. Each vault is operated by international high security vault operators and all Bullion is insured FREE. BullionVault is also transparent since they perform daily audits and publish all holdings online for everyone to see while at the same time ensuring everyone's anonymity.


forex programming spacer Depositing into a BullionVault account is very easy and FAST. They provide a few ways to deposit. Below are examples of paying by wire transfer. The wire transfers were sent the cheapest way by Bank of America. The transfer fee was only $3 charged by the bank. BullionVault does NOT charge deposit fees for Wire Transfer. The transfers were done the slowest method which was 3 business days, but banks offer faster wire transfers too. Even with the cheapest and slowest method, the wire transfers were credited to BullionVault fast. They were credited on the same exact time as the arrival day. There were no processing delays! Which means if your bank offers a 1 day wire transfer, you will have money in your BullionVault in 1 business day.

Bank of America Wire Transfers (3 business day option) To BullionVault: Depositing To BullionVault With Wire Transfer

Funds Credited To BullionVault Account With No Delays: Wire Transfers Credited To BullionVault Account